From a young age, we are asked what we want to be and this question follows us throughout our schooling and life. We can all recall being asked by an aunt, teacher or friend of a friend of your moms about what you want to be one day in the future. This kind of questioning puts the cart before the horse because before you can be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, you need to be a child, a teenager and an adult. The present informs the future. We are not given the opportunity to enjoy the present for what it is and then being present is preached in your 20s. The most important thing to do be at any moment is to be who you are where you are. That means using the wisdom and strength you have at that time to do whatever you think is best at that time.

I am sorry to break it to you but this will change overtime. What you were doing when you were thirteen will horrify your twenty year old self because that is how hindsight and wisdom works. We are not taught to figure out what our purpose is, a more intelligent manner of thinking. I will share a secret with you, your purpose is that ‘something’ that you never get tired of doing. You could spend fifteen hours doing it but at the end of the day, you are thinking “man, I cannot wait to do that again” or “is the day over already”. You do not have to search for the energy to do that thing, it comes naturally to you. You are constantly thinking of how to improve it and it feels fun. You almost feel as if you don’t have enough time to do it.

However, I will not lie and say that when you pursue your passion, it doesn’t feel like work or that you will never work a day in your life. Work is work and as the word says, it is hard. It is annoying but I recently came across a quote that asks “what are you willing to suffer for”. Your passion will make you suffer tremendously but it will be a million times better than suffering for something you don’t care about at all or for someone else’s purpose. You will have bad days, mental breakdowns, months where nothing seems to be going right, and you will want to give up but you won’t. You have lots of things to be, not do. When you are working from you purpose, it is an extension of your being.

So when I say ‘you have a lot of things to be’ because a list of things aren’t important. The day will end and you will forget that you ever completed that task but you never forget your being. Your purpose is your being and your entire existence. So your focus should be on finding out the essence of who you are then you will without a doubt be great and an extension of that is doing great things. Your experience and your choices are part of the person you are and you carry them wherever you go therefore it is much more important to be than to do.

With love, Asanda

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