Workwise is an online platform that provides labour law services to companies in need of a structural makeover. We come in as the translator between the employer and the employee, regarding any workplace matter that needs to be resolved. We offer a range of services within the spectrum of labour law.

We want to promote healthy workplaces, happy and creative teams, and thriving work culture and structure. We provide companies with the information that they need to grow, evolve and thrive in order to achieve their goals. There can be a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings between employers and employees and we bridge that gap.

Any employer who is interested in transforming their work culture and structure for the better and who wants to improve employee morale can benefit from our services. The needs of our clients are transformation, inclusion, morale, culture, fit, performance, structure and overall happiness.

The human resources landscape in South Africa still lacks the legal muster to comprehensively deal with the complexity of labour issues. We need more platforms that empower both the employee and the employer because when you know better you do better. We need people to address labour matters in a way that makes sense and creates a standard for business practice. People should feel safe and free at work so that they can do the best work they can. And that is my mission.